Cultural history and environmental science education
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Cultural history & environmental science education

All aspects of Peruvian society have been influenced significantly by a heritage of 300 years of European colonialism.

To bring a true sense of historic and cultural identity, and to reinforce social values, ethical fundaments, and trust in governmental and social institutions, an urgent mission for education is needed for the inhabitants of Chachapoyas.

With such knowledge of historical and archaeological monuments, the natural environment, and plants and animals of the region, a basic resource is then established for the local people. As locals become ambassadors of their environment individuals can build a future for themselves and for future generations through sustainable conservation-tourism.

Extraordinary archaeological sites, challenging mountain and cloud forest environs, and a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna privilege the Chachapoyas region.

The product "Chachapoya culture" can be efficiently developed, offered and sold to the international tourist market when locals have a command of information about their own cultural-historical roots and the dynamics of the unique and exciting environment they live in.

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