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"Camayoc" is derived from the Quechua language: "the one who protects & keeps".
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The Marvelous Spatuletail Hummingbird of Chachapoyas
Marvelous Spatuletail Hummingbird
Chachapoyas Peru
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Guide to Chachapoyas
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  Inca Trail to Kuelap:
Hundreds of miles of unexplored Inca roadways criss-cross the Chachapoyas region.
Inca Trail to Cuelap
Chachapoyas Peru
  Kuelap reconstructed round-house:
Cuelap house
Chachapoyas Peru
CAMAYOC Foundation
____ Chachapoyas Peru ____
Kuelap Fortress Ruins
Chachapoyas Peru
KUELAP Ruins Chachapoyas / © Davarian  
Extraordinary archaeological sites, challenging mountain and cloud forest environs, and a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna privilege the Chachapoyas region.

Chachapoyas map Chachapoyas is located in north central Peru on the eastern side of the Andes Mountains.
Cultural history and environmental science education are urgent needs
for the people of Chachapoyas in the Amazonas Department of Peru, toenail fungus treatment. To bring a true sense of historic and cultural identity, and to provide economic opportunities a system must be in place to provide education and conservation awareness to the people of Chachapoyas.
The CAMAYOC Foundation Mission. Founded by Dr. Peter Lerche in 1998, the Camayoc Foundation responds to these urgent needs through lectures, educational classes, and the recent building of the Camayoc-Institute, breast enhancement pills.

Peter Lerche Dr. Peter Lerche
Anthropologist Peter Lerche, author, historian, explorer, and authority on the religious world of pre-Inca Chachapoya, has lived in Chachapoyas over the past 25 years. Dr. Lerche's work as Director of the Department of Conservation of Archaeological Monuments and his research studying the Chachapoyas culture have resulted in the establishment of The Camayoc Foundation.

Sarcofagos of Karajia
Chachapoyas Peru
Sarcofagos of Karajia  
Clay tombs hold watch from the cliffs. Archaeological discoveries provide compelling evidence to the rich legacy of the Chachapoyan culture.

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Participation in scientific expeditions to Amazon high jungle areas and Andean mountain regions can be arranged for members interested in rugged exploration.

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March 22, 2006
German explorer Stefan Ziemendorff reports he has found one of the world's highest waterfalls located in the isolated northern jungle near Chachapoyas.
Gocta Waterfall Discovery
Chachapoyas: 3rd largest waterfall in the world.

Join us for a unique experience photo-documenting the diversity of wildlife and daily lives of the San Juan de YanaYacu Indians in the Amazon Rainforest.

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National Geographic Photographer
Gordon Wiltsie:
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Ancient burial cave
of warrior tribe

Peter Lerche heads up archaeology team to protect 600-year-old underground cemetery. Discoveries include five mummies, two of which are intact with skin and hair, as well as ceramics, textiles and wall paintings.
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